Copyright © 2012 - Tous droits réservés - Conception SKYWEB Intensive : Intensive green roofs, also know as terrace roofs, are the closest to a traditional garden. The array of plants that can be used on an intensive green roof is quite extensive, from shrubs to small trees. The design of such green roofs often includes water basins, pathways and lighting. Regular maintenance and a draining system is required for this type of roof.   Extensive : Extensive green roofs need very little maintenance. The plants are generally: perennials, low herbaceous, rustics, extremes conditions resistant.   Semi extensive : Semi-extensive green roofs are lighter than intensive green roofs but offer a greater variety of plants. Some light maintenance as well as a draining system is generally required for this type of green roof   Advantages : There are many advantages to installing a green roof on your building: - Increase of the lifetime of your roof; - Gives you access to an environmentally friendly and relaxing area right on your roof; - Better acoustic isolation; - Reduction of the heat island in urban areas; - Better management of rainwater; - Filtration of air; - Air condition energy savings; - Promotes biodiversity. Green roofs
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