Copyright © 2012 - Tous droits réservés - Conception SKYWEB Green roofs : A green roof is a roof to which we add different types of membranes, bedrocks and plants. Green roofs offer many advantages; most importantly it offers you an environmentally friendly area right on your roof.   Terraces : A vast choice of materials is available to you for the construction of your terrace. Concrete, wood (cedar, red pin, tek …) as well as plastic (thermoplastic or composite).   Urban gardens : The addition of a terrace to your green roof turns it into an "Urban garden". What you get is a turnkey product including the services of landscape artists and designers who will guide you through the process to ensure that your green roof surpasses your expectations.   Sky Gardens inc. offers you a turnkey solution that ranges from repairing the waterproof membrane to the actual plantation of plants. Our experience as roofers also allows for a terrace to be installed. We take care of everything to make sure that your green roof is a success. Services
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